Children located after Wednesday morning auto theft

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Two little girls, ages three and five-months-old, are both alive and well after a wild ride Wednesday morning.

"I feel better the kids are safe," Sandra Davis, who gave chase, said.

Davis did not know the children until Wednesday morning.  The two girls were strapped safely in the backseat of a red Chevy when it was stolen in front of a home off Progress Drive.

They were carpooling with the woman who owns their daycare.  That woman left her car running and the girls inside while she went into her house early Wednesday morning to collect something she had forgotten.

Within seconds, her car was stolen.  The thief drove the car all the way to the corner of Hollywood and Norman, where it hit a parked car sitting in front of a separate daycare, and took off again.

"Everybody ran out the daycare center saying, 'Go catch that car! Go catch that car!' I said, 'Red car?' They said, 'Yeah.' So I pursued the car," Davis said.

Davis gave chase for miles - all way to Matthews and Lambert, where the car thief ditched the car and the girls and took off on foot.

Davis stayed with the car, finding something she was not expecting.

"That's what shocked me. I got out the truck, looked in the car and seen the kids. That just left me and the kids there. So I couldn't leave. I couldn't go nowhere," Davis said.

The car thief is still on the loose. Officials said the whole situation could have ended badly if not for Sandra Davis.
"From the witness who took the time to follow the car safely to give us information that we needed so we were able to locate the kids quickly," Memphis Police Department spokesperson Monique Martin said.

A witness who just might have made two new friends as a result of a wild ride.

When he is caught, the car thief faces two charges: grand theft auto and kidnapping.

Police said the woman who left the kids in the car likely will not face any charges.

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