Cordova restaurant raising questions again with fake windows

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - One of the biggest complaints about Ocean Club or La Italiano, a new restaurant under construction in Cordova, is the fact that the building has no windows anywhere around its structure.

Wednesday, that appeared to have changed. But closer look at the building revealed that what appear to be windows aren't actually windows at all.

Serving up seafood and steak in a two story, 14,000 square foot facility is something the project supervisor Dave Rogers said was Ocean Club's main purpose.

"Rest assured, it will not be a strip club," Rogers said.

Current zoning laws prevent an adult club in the location. But with no windows, a large dance area, and well known Memphis strip club owner Steve Cooper footing the bill, the suspicions remain at an all time high.

Then came the facade of windows - or what appeared to be windows.

"It's more like a decoration kind of thing," Hansel Moore of Cooper Glass Company said.

Moore was installing what looked like windows, but were really just glass on the side of the building.

Jennifer Mohrhoff is a mother of two who lives less than a mile away.

"I don't understand why they would have windows that aren't really real unless there was an ulterior motive," Mohrhoff said.

"In my other life at city hall, I was the head of construction code enforcement and I've never seen anything like that done before," Bill Boyd of the Memphis City Council said. "We're going to be very diligent and watch. As you're probably aware, the zoning does not allow sexually oriented businesses in that area."

Last month, owner Steve Cooper said he was in the process of hiring a chef and that a restaurant plan was the only plan he had for this building. He hoped to open it in September, but it appears those plans have been delayed for later in the year.

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