Supporters for both sides wait to see if debate happens

It was a busy but tedious day at both McCain and Obama headquarters in East Memphis. With supporters on both sides waiting to hear what will happen next.

McCain supporters agreed with McCain's decision to suspend his campaign to focus on the troubled economy.

"We understand what he wants to do.  He feels he needs to get back to Washington.  This is a big problem and we need to get it taken care of," McCain supporter Rieta Selberg said.

While McCain has requested postponing Friday's first presidential debate in Oxford Mississippi, Obama supporters say it's a bad move.
"I think it would be wrong to cancel it.  Everybody has spent a lot of money to have this debate," Obama supporter Arthur McArthur, Jr. said.

As Obama continues to push for the debate to go on as planned, some Obama supporters are questioning McCain's strategy.

"I can't imagine the situation is so critical, one man is going to make that much of a difference, especially given the fact that he is a senator among many senators," Obama supporter Mike Arcamuzi said.

Local workers and volunteers at both McCain and Obama headquarters said no matter what happens, they will continue working in the days ahead.

Both McCain and Obama Headquarters were planning to host watch parties during this Friday's debate.

However, at this point, officials said they are not sure if those will go on as planned.

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