Rebels Nutt says McCluster is Playmaker

Down at Ole Miss, there is, at least, One Debate going on, over the future of the Wild Rebel Offense.

Diminutive Wideout Dexter McCluster has flourished in the Direct Snap Formation...until a late fumble against Vanderbilt ruined a Rebel comeback.

Ole Miss Head Coach Houston Nutt is the Architect of the Wild Rebel...and a staunch supporter of McCluster.

"We don't want to throw out what we've been doing," says Nutt.  "We're going to stick with it..and we've got to get the ball to the people who make the plays, and Dexter is one of them. He's done well every time except that play Saturday. He's a playmaker and we're going to stay with him, believe in him."

The Rebels have their work cut out for them at 6th Ranked LSU 6:30pm Saturday night.