Brownsville residents discuss debate possibility

BROWNSVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - Along with people across the country, water cooler discussion Thursday in Brownsville centered around whether or not Friday's planned presidential debate at Ole Miss would actually take place.

Although Brownsville is nearly one hundred miles away from the Ole Miss campus, many people there said the nation's economic crisis shouldn't stop Friday's presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama.

"I think Obama had the momentum going and McCain called time out like coaches do to slow the momentum down," said Brownsville resident Donnie Pickens.

In Haywood county, the Democrats and Republicans are least in location.  Both campaign headquarters are one building apart from each other.

In between the two stands a non-partisan gathering place, where the food and conversation are steamy.

"I say if Obama showed up and McCain didn't, what's wrong?  That's what I'd like to know," said Brownsville resident Earl Stanley.

Stanley, who helps run the Brownsville Family Restaurant, said if McCain doesn't show Friday night, he could lose the election.

"If I was going to vote for him, he would have turned me against him.  If he's that scared to show up, how's he going to do in Washington when everything is so rough?" Stanley asked.

"Maybe one day won't make any difference, and I hope he can come down and talk to folks and let us know what's on his mind," said Brownsville resident Kathy Ward.

Others, like Robbie Wynn, believed McCain would attend Friday night.

"A lot of people are waiting for these scheduled debates to occur," Wynn said.

And as officials make last minute preps, Brownsville residents have their eyes on Oxford waiting to see who will show up for Friday's debate.

Even though most of the residents understand the current economic crisis, many felt Friday's debate will provide insight into how each candidate will work to solve it.

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