Bartlett culinary students prepare for national spotlight

BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - As you might imagine, a lot of food is going to be served before and after Friday night's presidential debate at Ole Miss. For some hard working Bartlett students, catering to some of the country's most powerful politicians and journalist will be the chance of a lifetime.

From the sink to the stove, students at the Bartlett School of Culinary arts were excited Thursday about working as caterers for several receptions planned for the debate.
"It came about by invitation. We were invited by Ann Barnes who owns Just Catering. Ann has worked with our students before and she's very gracious," culinary arts instructor Marsha Johnson said.

Gracious enough to give seven of Bartlett's best culinary arts students a front row seat to one of the most important debates in history.
"First of all, hopefully I get to meet the presidential candidates, and I think its going to be an interesting thing to be able to cater this," student Haley Bruehl said.

Leaders from around the country will get to see the Bartlett students in action. It is exposure students hope may one day help them land a job working in food service at the White House.

The students go to the debates with a lot of culinary practice. They already work at the school's restaurant and have cooked for everyone from Bartlett's mayor to school board members.

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