Ole Miss continues to move forward despite uncertainty

OXFORD, MS (WMC-TV) - Ole Miss is going forward with the plan for the debate despite not being sure the honored guests will show up.

Sound checks go forward at the Ford Center as the podiums are set in preparation for Friday night's debate.

A debate the University of Mississippi is continuing to prepare for despite the ups and downs of not knowing.

Ole Miss Vice Chancellor Dr. Gloria Kellum is confident the debate will happen Friday night.

"The candidates advance parties did all the work with the producers and they are on go and Jim Lehrer the moderator did the same thing..so they are all ready to go," Kellum said.

Those advance parties checked out the room where the presidential debate is scheduled to take place.

Everyone is going forward with the expectation it's on.

Media from around the world have arrived at Ole Miss.

At least one hundred students are shuttling around the media and other people.

"Whoever needs a ride, they get one," senior Lee Jolly said.

Jolly said there's no way the debate will not go on -- a feeling that everyone hopes becomes reality Friday night.

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