More than a dozen busted after exposing themselves

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis police busted more than a dozen men this week, accused of exposing themselves at a public park.

The arrests were made on Tuesday and Wednesday this week at Overton Park.

The 17 suspects range in age from 21 to 74 years old.

Police captured the men after a two-day sting operation.

Dolly Herciuk walks her dog Frieda at Overton Park everyday. She never imagined the public park would turn out to be a place for public indecency.

The arrests came after authorities received several complaints from residents.

Detectives said the men were intentionally showing their genitals in the park, mainly on the jogging trails.

Some were caught in the act in their vehicles as people walked by. Police said the suspects also tried to solicit sexual favors.

"They're there most of the time looking for male prostitutes," Maj. Jeff Clark of the Memphis Police said.

The incidents occurred in broad daylight.  People we talked to say they can't believe they happened in an area where young kids play.

"The park is designed for families and children to come out and have a good time and this is not the activity a mother or father expect their child to be exposed to," Clark said.
Neighbors are shocked.

"It's really shocking because you think you can come to a park like this and it would be safe.  Then you hear something like that," concerned neighbor Michele Reese said.

The situation now has a many residents concerned about such unlawful acts .

Each suspect will have a court appearance next month.

In November 2007, Police arrested 8 people after they committed the same crime.

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