Olive Branch police release sketch in officer shooting case

OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC-TV) - Early Friday, Olive Branch police released a sketch of a person they believe is directly related to the June 2006 shooting of two Olive Branch police officers. Police hope the sketch will lead them to their suspect.

The investigation has been ongoing since since June 29, 2006, when Officers Doug Stanek and Mark Ayers were shot and injured during a routine traffic stop along Goodman Road.

In a press conference Friday, police said new witnesses have come forward in the last eight weeks.

"I'm glad to know that there's people coming forward and giving our detectives new leads and stuff to work with," said Stanek.

Police said witnesses met with a forensic sketch artist who developed the drawing based on the witnesses' description of the suspect.

Police say they are determined to solve this case.

"These officers were performing their duties to protect others when this tragedy occurred...now we're asking you as members of the metropolitan community to step forward in support of these officers," said Major Mark Kimbell with the Olive Branch Police Department.

Officers said the sketch isn't necessarily that of the actual shooter: they'd only say that it's a sketch of someone directly related to the case.

According to investigators, no warrants have been issued for any arrests in this case.

Olive Branch police also said the suspect could still be living somewhere in the Mid-South area, and they're offering a $36,000 reward for information leading to the shooter's capture.

If you have any information regarding who shot the officers, call the Olive Branch Police Department at (662) 895-4111.

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