Mid-Southerners try and catch glimpses of arriving candidates

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis Police and the Secret Service were in place. Awaiting the arrival of the airplane.

Tanya Jaudon was on hand too, with camera in hand.
"I was mad because I didn't bring my digital camera.  I had my disposable," Jaudon said.

Her disposable was heading straight to the store to get developed. The money shot, John McCain stepping off his airplane and onto his bus. Bound for the debate, after all.

"My husband called a while ago and I was like I just saw John McCain. My brother-in-law, he's a big fan of John McCain, so he was excited," Jaudon said.

Excitement shared two blocks over, where Memphis Police and Secret Service awaited the arrival of yet another airplane.

Christopher Major dropped by, hoping to catch a glimpse of Barack Obama.

All he saw was the motorcade speed past, bound for the debate. A minor encounter, but enough for Major.

"Great experience...great experience. It let me know hey, who to vote for and this is who we need," Major said.

Some are uncertain and undecided. Wishing they knew some more information before making up their minds.

Their wish is on the way, now that Obama and McCain have landed.

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