Ford to spend 14 additional years in prison

John Ford will be at least 80-years-old before he's released from federal prison. The former Tennessee State Senator was sentenced to 14 years behind bars Monday.

He was convicted in July on charges of wire fraud.

The sentence is in addition to the 5 and a half years Ford is already serving.

John Ford, looking like a very broken man, kept his head down for most of Monday's three hour hearing.

Ford was led into the courtroom in handcuffs, wearing a green prison jumpsuit and long underwear.

John Ford's sister state senator Ophelia Ford left the federal building in shock over her brother's sentence.

"That is one thing that we all pray for too is his strength and his health. And he said it in court too. He prays for his own health," Ophelia Ford said.

Ford told the judge he took full responsibility for his actions.

He said the last few years have been the most painful, humiliating, and shameful time of his life.

He said his oldest son John John wants to know where he is.

"Well we are going to try our best to do it and he will be in our hearts. That's a long time though. We hope something will happen," Ford's brother Joe Ford said.

Ford's sisters and two nieces testified on his behalf, saying he was a good ma,  important to the Ford family, and has done a lot of good.

Prosecutors told the judge Ford was just plain greedy.

"These types of corruptions are very serious and are very harmful to the public. And they have an affect on the public that takes a great deal of time to restore. We just hope this prosecution and this sentence sends that message," prosecutor David Riveria said.

John Ford's attorney said his client did not deserve a lengthy sentence because he did not kill anyone.

The judge did not fine Ford, saying he did not have the money to pay it.

Ford cam appeal his sentence, but it is not clear if he will.

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