Police arrest suspected "johns" in weekend bust

Memphis Police arrested nearly two dozen suspected "johns" this weekend for soliciting sex from undercover officers dressed as prostitutes.

Some business owners, so concerned about the problem, even threatened to call the cops on them.

From the pistol he wears on his hip, to what comes out of his mouth, Richard Troutt is a straight shooter.

He said prostitution has been a problem since the day he opened the doors of his automotive shop.

"It's always been a problem on Lamar, until the last four or five months," Troutt said.

That is because police intervention has been occurring, based on complaints from business owners just like him.

"We were always addressing the issues. But now, over the last few months, we're getting more and more complaints," Det. Monique Martin of the Memphis Police Department said.

Just this past weekend, nearly two dozen men were reeled in by undercover officers dressed as hookers.

The suspected "johns" were hauled to jail. The undercover cops, so convincing, some businesses threatened to call police on them.

Police praise recent motel closures and their new owners for being more pro-active.

Something Troutt said is in their best interest.

"When we get that undesirable element out of the area, then it makes people more comfortable coming to an area," Troutt said.

An area looking to put the world's oldest profession out of business.

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