Security still a concern one year after U of M player's murder

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The plastic flowers on a campus tree are fading.  Beneath it sits a weathered rock on which "rest in peace" is written.

One year ago, it's where the car driven by University of Memphis football player Taylor Bradford crashed.  He was found dead inside.  He'd been shot to death during a botched robbery attempt.

"It could happen again tonight as far as we know," says senior Zebonique Petties.

She knew of Bradford through a friend.

"It was a guy who was roommates with Taylor," she says.

Petties says the watch towers, surveillance cameras, and call boxes on campus could not prevent Bradford's death.  And they're still not enough to calm her fears.

"The security to me is lame, basically," she says.

A lawsuit filed last week by Bradford's family claims the same thing.  It says the university failed to provide adequate security.

"It was first murder on campus in the history of the University of Memphis," says Nevin Batiwalla.

He's the editor in chief of The Daily Helmsman newspaper.

"It seems like it could be hard to prevent," says Batiwalla.  "II mean, in Memphis, it happens all over the place," he adds.

He says there have been security enhancements on campus since Bradford's murder, such as the installation of additional surveillance cameras.

But he and others say the changes might not have kept Taylor Bradford alive.  They cannot guarantee safety on this campus one year after his death either.

University officials refused to comment on campus security.  They have not had a chance to fully examine the lawsuit.  Meantime, the four men charged in Bradford's death are awaiting trial.

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