Monuments, street names and scholarships among tributes for Sept. 11 victims

A sampling of ways America has responded to the Sept. 11 attacks:


- Small granite monument placed at Ohio air traffic control center that had last contact with United Airlines Flight 93 before it crashed.

- Massachusetts Port Authority plans to plant grove of trees, one for each victim on two hijacked planes that took off from Boston.

- Memorial planned in Bergen County, N.J., home to more than 100 victims.

- Waterfront memorial planned at park in Hoboken, N.J., home to more than 50 people killed. Trees also being planted in park for each victim.

- Thirty-three acre farmland memorial in Massachusetts being prepared to honor John Ogonowski, captain of American Airlines Flight 11, fourth-generation farmer.



- Road and post office in Deer Park, N.Y., named for Ray Downey, New York City's most decorated firefighter.

- New York City Council passed bill to rename stretch of West 31st Street after the Rev. Mychal Judge, Fire Department chaplain. Commuter ferry boat also named after him.

- Alabama Legislature designated Interstate 65 - main north-south route through state - "Heroes Highway" in memory of those killed.

- Section of Highway 129 in Alabama named to honor Johnny Spann, CIA agent killed in prison uprising in Afghanistan.

- Baseball field named in Delaware after Matthew Flocco, killed in Pentagon.

- Dialysis wing in Ethiopia being named for Dr. Yeneneh Betru, pulmonary specialist killed.

- Bench and flagpole on Atlantic City, N.J., boardwalk named for Victor Saracini, pilot of United Airlines Flight 175.



- Indiana University plans scholarships honoring three men, fathers of IU students, who died at World Trade Center.

- New York law grants children and spouses of Sept. 11 victims and New York members of military killed in war on terror four-year scholarship at state or city of New York university or equivalent private college.

- Vatican-sponsored scholarship established for children of victims of attacks.



- Illinois designated Sept. 11 day of remembrance and commemorative holiday.

- Missouri designated Sept. 11 Emergency Services Day to honor those killed.

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