Mayor of small Mid-South town fires city council

Turrell Arkansas is a small town of about 900 people. A town without a city council because Mayor Franklin Lockhart  fired all of them this week. Even though they are elected.

Floyd Holmes is one of those council members.

"It's pretty shocking," Holmes said.

And employee of city hall tells Action News 5 that Lockhart sent out certified letters to the city council members telling them their office is null and void.

"I don't know why the mayor is doing this. I have been fighting him for a long time," Holmes said.

Holmes said he talked with the Arkansas Municipal League and was told the mayor had no authority to do what he did. Folks in the town are not happy about any of it.

"It's just awful. I wish the mayor would just stop it," Holmes said.

The mayor had no comment when Action News 5 went to his house.

"Go away. Get off my property. Go away," Lockhart said.

The mayor said he would talk about it in his office on Thursday.

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