Students hope to learn from Vice Presidential debate

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - When the Vice Presidential candidates square off in St. Louis tonight, Memphis City School students will be taking notes.
"I believe that they need to speak more about foreign relations," Sha'Ona Coleman of the Overton High School debate team said.

Debate Coach Brandon Rader said members of the 11th grade debate team spent the summer sharpening their skills.
"The trick to win at debate is keeping up with the arguments understanding the arguments and not being afraid to ask for clarification when you need it," Radar said.

During tonight's debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin, students expect the candidates to exhibit several key characteristics.
"I'll be looking to see, 'Are the candidates making eye contact? Are they standing firm on their topics?'" student Christopher Mitchell said.

Coleman said Joe Biden will have to be careful when battling his female opponent.

"We shouldn't see any gender," she said. "They need to speak for the people, you know?  Not from male or female. That shouldn't be an issue.

Coleman predicted Sarah Palin's handicap would be her lack of experience.

"She's won beauty pageants, but I don't think she could lead a country," Coleman said.

As for Biden, some say he needs to work on connecting with his audience.

The evening's homework for the Overton High Debate team is to watch the debate. Friday, they will critique the candidates in class.

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