Retailers feel economic crunch as holidays approach

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The economic crisis gripping much of the nation is affecting both retailers and consumers, as the holiday shopping season quickly approaches.

Even though the seasonal items are decking the shelves at many Mid-South retailers, do not expect to see more holiday aisles than normal. During the tight economy, retailers like Target are counting on customers to be tight.

"We are going to order less, and when are out we won't order more but not order as much this year," Jessica Mohundro of Target said.

Many retailers are worried shoppers will be more concerned about their stocks than stuffing their stockings as the holiday season approaches.

And, it's not just the stock markets that has customers worrying about pinching pennies.
"The price of gas and clothing really makes you think twice," shopper Carolyn Johnston said.

Johnston said when she makes her holiday shopping list, she is going to be checking it twice for things to cut.

"We won't buy extras - just that one special toy," Johnston said.

Target's theme this year is 'Wrap Up Savings,' a theme the retailer hopes will attract this year's more budget conscious shoppers.

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