Small business owners feel pinch of tough economic times

TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - The Economic Crisis is taking a toll on Wall Street, but what about smaller towns? How are they coping with the market meltdown?

At Haddad's Department store in Mason, business is good.

"We've added a new section of about 8,800 square feet. We're expanding all three departments. Clothing, furniture, and hardware about 30 percent each," business owner David Haddad said Tuesday.

According to Haddad, business is up nine percent over last year, and customers keep coming in.

"I'm not going to stop buying just because the TV or Wall Street says its bad. Business has been good," Haddad said.

At City Service Station, owner Karl Collins said his business is the worst he has ever seen it.

According to Collins, prices are higher than normal because he has to rely on the middleman.

"I just have to pass the price onto the customer, and sometimes that means 10 to 15 cents difference in price," Collins said.

Small town business owners like Collins and Haddad say it's their personal service that is going to keep their businesses alive.

Despite tough economic times, business owners said they plan to try and stick it out as long as they can, and they are not going down without a fight.

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