Election officials prepared for large number of voters

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - So many people have registered to vote in anticipation of November's presidential election that Shelby County Election Commission staffers were still counting applications Wednesday.

"Yesterday's activity generated some 6,400 pieces of applications or documentation," Election Commission administrator James Johnson said.

And that was just from the last day of registration. According to Johnson, when the count of mailed-in information is complete in a few days, the percentage of people expected to vote could go through the roof.

"You're talking about something that's moving toward 65-70 percent, and so you are going to get into number we haven't seen since probably since maybe some of the 70's and 60's elections, and maybe even the 80," Johnson said.

And Election Commission staffers say while it is good that more people signed up to vote, getting your turn to vote may take longer than usual.

"Whether you vote early or whether you vote on election day, I expect that we will have lines, so I say to the general electorate - to the public out there - to please be patient," Johnson said.

To help speed voting up, election commissioners will debut a new computerized poll book. In seconds it can determine if a voter is at the correct precinct that corresponds to his or her address.

Voters still have until October 30th to make any name or address corrections to voter registration information. And if you plan to use the early voting method, that starts on October 15th.

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