Police hope audio recording helps nab armed robbers

Surveillance cameras were rolling early Tuesday morning as two armed men walked into the "On the Run" store at Germantown Parkway and Wolf River Boulevard.

They hid their faces to allude arrest, but failed to disguise their voices.

"Hey, give me the ____ money!" shouted one of the robbers on the video.

He has a hard time keeping his mouth shut as he continually threatens the female clerk behind the counter.

Suspect:  "Can you open the safe?"
Clerk:  "I can't open the safe."
Suspect: " ___ the safe!  Give me the ___ money!"

After failing to raid the safe, the duo gets away with everything in the cash register.  They also snag a bunch of Harley Davidson scratch-off lottery tickets and 85 packs of cigarettes.

"Newport cigarettes," Lt. Mike Gray with Germantown Police said.

They thought the surveillance video would be of little use because of the bandanas on the robbers faces.  But then they started listening.

"Open it!," shouts the robber on the tape.  "Do something!," he added.  "Hurry up!"

Police soon realized it might be worth releasing anyway.

"I think it's fairly clean audio and if someone knows who it is -- they can relay the information to us," Gray said.

It's the first time Germantown Police have relied on audio surveillance in a case like this.  They hope someone out there recognizes the voice among all of the dirty words.

Police suspect the robbers may try to sell those lottery tickets and cigarettes on the street.  If you know who they might be, call Germantown Crime-Stoppers at 901-757-2274.

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