Students sound off following debates

Students and faculty at the University of Memphis paid close attention to the candidates as they debated Tuesday night.

It was just one of many watch parties where supporters got a chance to see what the where the candidates stand on important issues.

"I think in the last week, with the poll number changing, it has gotten more intense. They're trying to get as many votes as possible," McCain supporter Jordan Bridges said.

The group has had 2 big issues on their minds in recent weeks, the economy and foreign policy. Supporters on both sides anxious to hear where the candidates stand.

"I see how the world and economy is going now.  It'll make the US a 3rd world country if we continue.  Obama will reverse some of that," Obama supporter Elliott Nelson said.

"I believe McCain in foreign policy has what it takes to get the job done in Iraq," McCain supporter Andrew Cross said.

Supporters said they felt their candidate did well.

"Whenever Obama talks, he's citing his specific agenda. The positive flow of it goes up and I think McCain stays flat," Obama supporter John Cornes said.

"Obama, I just don't think he's quite experienced enough for the job of president," Cross said.

And with just one more presidential debate to go, supporters are confident their candidate will prevail in the weeks leading up to the election.

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