New Police Presence

A police building now under construction may help revitalize a struggling section of Memphis.

"Personally, I think it's a wonderful thing." says Pastor William Lester. He welcomes the new police presence to help deal with the challenges you sense rolling through Binghampton. Well kept homes and ramshackle housing sit side by side.

A lack of good jobs, poverty, and crime create an atmosphere that Sgt. Trey Shull once policed on the midnight shift. "A lot of drugs. A lot of drugs. Robbery. Rape. You name it. It happened here."

Now Sgt. Shull works as a police planner, designing the new Central Precinct on the very ground were he once chased dealers. "It's a chance to revitalize the Binghampton neighborhood. It's a chance to bring in something new and hopefully spawn redevelopment in this community."

The Central Police precinct will move from the Armour Center on Flicker Street to Binghamton om January.