Gas prices begin to drop across Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - As gas prices drop across the Mid-South, AAA officials say there are still things drivers can do to save money at the pump.

Cheryl Keating tracks gas prices for AAA. Thursday, Keating said Mid-South gas prices are coming down because gas production has gone back up again in Texas and other hurricane threatened states that distribute gasoline to the Mid-South.

"All those refineries got shut down because of the hurricane, so when they get shut down it takes them a period of time to come back up," Keating said.

Another factor involves the rules of supply and demand. Keating said high gas prices forced many drivers to buy less, and that is affecting price.
"And they've been telling us that for years and years and we just didn't believe 'em. Now we've had a real big reality check and hopefully people still economize on their gas and do the things you are supposed to do and keep your car tuned up and do all the things you need to do because it is directly affecting our pocketbooks," Keating said.

That is something gas economizing drivers like Shielia James said they are determined to do.

"I've been only going where I had to go and do a lot of things in one trip," James said.
AAA officials predict that as drivers cut back, the price of gas will go even lower.
"We're not telling people to stay in the house and hide under the bed because that's not going to work either. But just don't use it when you don't have to," Keating said.

AAA officials said even lower gas prices may come just in time for Thanksgiving holiday.

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