Family of Orange Mound fire victims file $90 million lawsuit

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Seven members of the Poole family perished in a horrific fire at an Orange Mound rental property back in August.

Now a $90 million lawsuit has been filed by attorney Jeff Rosenblum on behalf of the victims against both property owner Frank Holland and the city for allegedly allowing dangerous conditions to exist.

"Holland Enterprises, owned by Frank Holland, owns a number of rental properties in the area," said Rosenblum. "We feel he is not keeping them up in a proper manner in violation of state statutes and city ordinances."

The rental home apparently had no working smoke detectors, something Rosenblum says the landlord is responsible for providing. He also said there was no way to escape the fire from the upstairs area of the home because there were no ladders and no exits.

The Memphis Fire Department found apparent electrical deficiencies with the property, but could not determine the cause of the fire because of the extensive damage.

Holland said last month that he didn't know of any problems at the rental property and that he's not a slum lord.

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