Tigers-Cardinals Extend Football Series

Tigers fans may have lost the battle but won the war with Louisville.

After Friday's thriller against the Cardinals in the Liberty Bowl, the two schools agreed to extend the series 4 more years!

Currently playing every other year...they'll start home and homes with the Cardinals in 2013 running through 2016.

The last game of the current contract is set for 20-10 in Louisville.

The Tigers racked up almost 500 yards in total offense Friday against the nations 9th ranked defense but turnovers and kicking game problems lead to a loss 35-28.

One way or another...the Memphis-Louisville Series is a win-win for the fans.

U of M Head Coach Tommy West says:

"I think its great for both schools to continue the rivalry and we're happy to have the opportunity. "

Adds Tigers Athletic Director R.C. Johnson:

"I feel even better about it today after seeing the crowd and the fans. It's like we never ended the rivalry. I know Tommy wants to play, our fans do...I think it will really work!"

Johnson says there are no plans in the foreseeable future for the schools to meet in basketball.