Family copes with loss of child after abuse

Addie Holland clings tightly to a photograph of her great-grandson Jordan.

"Last time I seen him was Tuesday," she said. "He playing and crawling. Just be getting really good to walk, standing around and stuff. A happy child."

The little boy died Saturday after being punched twice in the chest by his mother's live-in boyfriend, 18-year-old Mario Thomas, because he wouldn't stop crying.

Jordan's grandfather, Aezall Holland, said Thomas often babysat the boy alone while his mother worked.

"She's never had any problems with him whatsoever. She works in the mornings and he works in the evenings."

Thomas now sits in jail, charged with first degree murder in perpetration of child abuse.

According to police statistics, Jordan Holland is one of twelve children murdered in Memphis this year.

The Memphis Child Advocacy center raises a rememberance flag every time a child dies from abuse. Director Nancy Williams says the prevalence of child abuse in our community is everyone's problem, and we must work together to find a clear solution.

"Reassess and make adjustments to figure out how it is that we cannot keep babies safe," Williams said.

But it's too late for the Holland family, as they struggle through sadness that might not go away with time.

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