Buns On The Run set to close doors

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The economic climate is impacting small businesses in the Mid-South. Some are struggling to survive, while others, like Buns on the Run, are having to shut their doors.

Owners of the Cooper-Young restaurant say they've been barely holding on for the last four years. But Buns on the Run can no longer stay in business.

"I just have to go on. I just have to move on," said owner Pam Hardin.

Hardin opened Buns on the Run 12 years ago in an old two-bedroom house. First it operated as a bakery, then as a restaurant. For some loyal locals, it's become a Midtown institution.

"These are really regular customers, the ones I know by name," she said.

"They come in all the time and have been great supporters."

Those great supporters will have to find a new eatery. Buns on the Run closes its doors on November 1.

"Everything continues to go up...our taxes, our health department fees. The city comes up with new fees every year for us, and we just can't seem to get over that hump," Hardin said.

Difficult financial times became worse as the nation experienced an economic downturn. Hardin said business was going south, but folks now are trying to get in that one last bite of Italian roast beef and steamed cabbage before time runs out.

"Until we decided to close... then our business has been booming over the last three weeks," she said.

But it's too late, Hardin says, to save the restaurant.

There are no hard and fast statistics, but Buns on the Run might not be alone, as mom and pop businesses from barber shops to thrift stores are watching, waiting and hoping for an economic rebound.

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