Former cop out on bond, victim's family fears for safety

A former Memphis police officer currently free on bond may be back behind bars by the end of this week.
Family members of the mistress Chancey Jones is accused of murdering say they now fear for their own safety.

All parties are set to meet later this week to discuss a motion requested by the victim's family and district attorney to return Jones to jail. 
The former cop was on duty and in uniform when he was arrested in September for shooting his girlfriend three times as she sat in her car.
Investigators say Jones had been cheating on his wife with Phyllis Malone.
Defense attorney Jay Bailey usually argues for lower bonds for his own clients. But Bailey is now working for the family of Phyllis Malone.

"This bond should be revoked or substantially increased."

His clients say they've felt threatened since Jones was released from jail on a $200,000 bond.

"They've been vocal, and they don't know what his response to their vociferousness would be," said Bailey.
He says Jones showed up twice last week to the workplace of Malone's sister in South Memphis.

But Jones says he was just there to apply for a new job.  
In the motion for an increase in bond, an assistant district attorney wrote that the defendant's appearance has caused a great deal of concern, not only for the safety of a valuable state witness, but also for her co-workers.

But Jones' attorney Ted Hansom believes the relationship between Jones and Malone never included him getting to know her family.

Hansom also says Jones has not broken any condition of his bond.

Ultimately, a judge will decide if the former officer returns to jail.

In the meantime, the D.A.'s office says it's possible that charges against Jones could eventually be upgraded to first degree murder.

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