Early voting begins in Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A 45-minute wait to hit the early voting booth Wednesday at Agricenter International was no match for the will to have a voice in this year's presidential election.

Early voting in Shelby County began Tuesday.

"It's democracy at its best, absolutely," voter Ann Russell said.

Some called the right to vote a right of passage.

"It makes my heart swell being a military veteran for nine years. You know, that's what we fight for.  The right to make these kinds of decisions whether we agree with them or not," voter Vernon Warrick said.

Others said it is the candidates themselves that have them so excited.

"All the excitement. This is why I'm here dear. I love it. I think it's great that people are taking advantage of these wonderful candidates," Russell said.
With the big choice to pick the next president of the United States, voters said nothing could hold them back from this ballot.

"If it was two blocks long, I'd still stand here. It doesn't make any difference. I want to vote. Speak my piece in my voting booth," voter Otoo Stiefel said.

And then there is the historic factor.

"Our forefathers before us. What they went through, the sacrifice and to make us be able to stand here right now to have freedom. That's the best thing," voter Jacque Walker said.

So, a little time and a long line could not get in the way of Democracy.
"I tell you honey. This is little to pay for the freedom to vote. The right to vote," Russell said.

A decision voters said will have an everlasting mark on the future of this land.

Early voting runs two weeks at 19 locations, including the Shelby County Election Commission.

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