Meet Memphis' Joe The Plumber

He is West Tennessee's very own Joe the Plumber. Joe Guy is the owner of Guy's Plumbing and Pumping.

"When McCain kept saying Joe the Plumber, the guys called me this morning. We watched a recap on Channel 5," Guys said.

Joe Guy said he is just a working stiff trying to make a buck to support his wife and three kids.

"I'm just an average Joe, I wake up every morning at 6:30, got out to the job at 7," Guy said.

One job at All Star Hot wings involves pumping out the grease.

"I'll give him his recognition. He's good," Tosha Young of All Star Hot Wings said.

This Joe the Plumber likes John McCain's tax plan to clean up waste.

As he goes about his business, he is getting a lot more recognition now.

And as Joe the Plumber, Guy heads off into the sunset with a new persona secure in the knowledge that no one has a job stinkier than his.

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