Restaurant Scorecard: October 16, 2008 - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Bill Lunn

Restaurant Scorecard: October 16, 2008

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The Racquet Club in East Memphis is a quiet and elegant enclave where members play tennis then dine in the elegant surroundings.  But there was disturbing news this week as the Racquet Club double faulted on its health score.

Violations there includied a dirty ice machine, a dirty microwave, dirty storage shelves, dirty floors, and chicken and pork at unsafe temperatures. There were also unauthorized people in the kitchen.

The Racquet Club failed with a 69.  (In a re-inspection on 10/15, that score was updated to 84.)

Three restaurants - all in the same block in Memphis - failed their health inspections as well.  The block you need to know about is Sycamore View, just north of I-40.

The Cajun Catfish Company, McDonalds, and the Waffle House all failed their health inspections.

At Cajun Catfish, fish was ordered thrown away. It was sitting in a container of water at an unsafe temperature.

Cajun Catfish failed with a 60.

At the McDonald's next door, the sandwich area, microwave, vents, oven surfaces, and cooler were all dirty.

McDonald's on Sycamore View failed with a 59.

A few doors down at the Waffle House, there was a roach in the seating area. There was also a dirty storage area and mold building up under the fountain drink nozzles.

Sausage, bacon, steak, and chicken were all at unsafe temperatures and ordered removed.

Waffle House on Sycamore View failed with a 53.

At the Saito Japanese Restaurant at 6600 Stage Road in Bartlett, inspectors found an employee washing his hands without soap, and gnats in the restaurant. A dirty cooler, dirty shelves, and dirty floors were also found.  Saito Bartlett failed with a 69.

D'Bo's wings on Malco Crossing failed with a 64.  They cleaned things up and were re-inspected and now have an 88.

Mi-Pueblo at 3750 Hacks Cross had flies in the restaurant.  Inspectors said they were not using sanitizer on the dishes and no soap was at the sink where employees are supposed to wash their hands.

Mi Pueblo Hacks Cross failed with a 62.

Mississippi Critical Violations:

  • Bangkok Alley 5960 Goodman Rd., Southaven (later improved to 'A' during re-inspection)
  • Hunan Restaurant 35 Goodman Rd. W,  Southaven
  • All-in-one Goodmart  970 Goodman Road, Southaven

Shelby County Failures:

  • Chik-Fil-A 6980 Winchester Rd., Memphis, 69
  • Mrs. Winner's 1986 E. Brooks Rd., Memphis, 66
  • Pyramid Grill and Bar 6090 Macon Rd., Memphis, 62
  • The Racquet Club in East Memphis, 69
  • Cajun Catfish Company 1616 Sycamore View, 60
  • McDonald's 1610 Sycamore View, 59
  • Waffle House 1550 Sycamore View, 53
  • Saito Japanese Restaurant 6600 Stage Road, Bartlett, 69
  • D'Bo's wings on Malco Crossing, 64.  Folow up: 88
  • Mi-Pueblo 3750 Hacks Cross, 62
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