Yacoubian breaks down latest polling numbers

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - White female voters have crossing over to another candidate in the past month, Memphis pollster Berje Yacoubian said Friday.

The reason is the economy, and campaigning by Hillary Clinton.

According to Yacoubian, until recently, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was not doing as well as he should have with white female voters in Shelby County.

But just this past month there has been a decided change., as the numbers have doubled for Obama and dropped for Republican John McCain.

Yacoubian said there are two reasons for the change.

"One, the implosion of the economic system, and two the Hillary Clinton support back to Obama," he said.

According to Yacoubian, Tennessee could become a very important state because of the change. But, he added, Obama will likely not win Tennessee because it is a staunchly Republican State.
Yacoubian said the movement in Shelby, Davidson, and Hamilton Counties will likely affect the Tennessee legislative races, moving more toward Democrats.

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