Student information possibly compromised by laptop theft

Parents like DeWayne Cooper picked up their kids outside Idlewild Elementary on Friday.

"It's a concern," Cooper said.

He and others worry about someone picking up their child's personal information from a number of laptop computers stolen last week from the school district's central office.

"It's a concern as a parent because we wouldn't want anybody to get or use his information," Cooper said.

"I don't want anybody getting his little information, you know?" parent Bentley Matthews said.  "Because he obviously has good credit."

The district began sending a letter home to parents days after the laptops were taken.  It says, in part, that "sensitive information of some of our students may have been obtained as a result of a theft of several computers at the Board of Education."

District officials cannot say whether someone walked into the central office or if this was an inside job.

"You would think that security would be more alert," grandparent Annie Brighter said.

Board member Kenneth Whalum agrees.

"We're paying enough people at MCS administration," Whalum said.

Whalum wonders why the computer caper is taking so long to solve.

"We're talking about creating a police force for MCS and this kind of thing, although unrelated, is an indication that maybe we need to slow down and buckle down on the basics," Whalum said.

That means getting to the bottom of who took the laptops and if any personal information has been lifted.

Whalum says parents should not be overly concerned, but should pay attention to any new developments.  Meantime, Memphis Police continue to work with the district to try and track down a suspect.

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