Shelby County commission to vote Monday on proposed Wal-Mart

For several months, many Cordova residents have been fighting to stop Wal-Mart from building a third Supercenter in their area, and they're hoping Shelby County commissioners will vote against the proposal when they meet Monday.

"Two are definitely enough," said Cordova resident Chris Hodge.

To stop construction on the proposed new store at Houston Levee and Macon Road, seven commissioners would have to vote against it. Right now, only three commissioners say that's what they plan to do.

Joe Deeley lives near the proposed store site and says he worries about how another Wal-Mart Supercenter might impact his neighborhood.
"A Wal-Mart this close would drive our property values down and make it more dangerous for our children to play in the streets."
Cordova resident Jane Sadler agrees. "It would really increase the traffic, and the 18-wheelers and delivery trucks."

Three county commissioners, Joyce Avery, Mike Carpenter and Steve Mulroy, say they feel the same way about adding a third Wal-Mart Supercenter to the Cordova landscape, and plan to vote against the proposal.

George Flinn says he's leaning toward voting against it but will hold off on making a decicion until after Monday's meeting.

Commissioners Joe Ford, Henri Brooks and Deidre Malone also say they'll wait to hear what people have to say at Monday's meeting.

And J.W. Gibson says he wants to find out what will be done about traffic before he makes up his mind.

Sidney Chism is the only commissioner who says he's leaning towards voting in favor of the proposed store.
It's unclear where the remaining four commissioners stand.

The Shelby County Commission will meet at 1:30 Monday afternoon. If the commission gives Wal-Mart the go-ahead to build in Cordova, the proposal will then go before the Memphis City Council on Tuesday.

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