Memphis Church goes pink for breast cancer awareness

The sanctuary of St. Andrew AME Church was a sea of pink Sunday in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Members of the congregation dressed in various shades of pink to raise awareness about the disease and the need for early detection and treatment. They also set up a display of pink ribbons in honor of who've been diagnosed with breast cancer.
"Early detection is the best key to survival," said church member Dr. Erika Gunn-Hill.

Gunn-Hill and other church members conducted a workshop on the benefits of early detection and the need for cancer patients to have caregivers and a strong support system.

"It is important to listen to find out where the person is emotionally, and are they ready to talk? Are they ready to listen? Are they ready for you to embrace them," said Gunn-Hill.

Rev. Marilynn Robinson is a breast cancer survivor.

"We want to promote that women do self breast exams after the age of 20 on a monthly basis, that they have a clinical breast exam from a physician on a yearly basis, that they get a mammogram after the age of 40 on a yearly basis."

She and her husband, Pastor Kenneth Robinson, devoted Sunday's sermon to making cancer patients and caregivers aware of the medical benefits of facing the disease with a positive attitude.

To learn more about St. Andrew AME Church's cancer patient and caregivers activities, call (901) 948-3441.

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