Thoughts on 9/11 from you

From: Shepherd, Will [] Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 8:44 AM To: Crain, Steve Cc: Taylor, Vonia Subject: Thoughts on 9/11 Importance: High I feel that what happened on September 11, 2001 was indeed tragic, and a terrible wake up call to America, but it the media has glorified only the firemen and police officers who were lost as being heroes.  I was a former police officer, who also was in the military during Operation Desert Storm, and fought in that war.  We put our uniforms on everyday not knowing if would be the last time we saw our loved ones, but that was the profession that we chose.  In the one year since, I have never heard mention about the "other" people in the building like the financial advisors, cooks, janitors, mail clerks, and the many other professionals who went to work like any other day not knowing they would never see their loved ones again. The whole day was a tragedy, and my heart goes out to EVERYONE who lost a loved one, but let's not forget the "other" victims and their families as well. Will Shepherd The e-mail, including attachments, is intended for the exclusive use of the addressee and may contain proprietary, confidential or privileged information.  If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, use, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify me via return e-mail and permanently delete the original and destroy all copies. ************************************************************************************************** Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc. DOES NOT ACCEPT ORDERS AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING YOUR ACCOUNT BY E-MAIL.  Transactional details do not supersede normal trade confirmations or statements.  The information contained in this transmission is privileged and confidential. It is intended for the use of the individual or entity named above. The information contained herein is based on sources we believe reliable but is not considered all-inclusive. Opinions are our current opinions only and are subject to change without notice.  Offerings are subject to prior sale and/or change in price.  Prices, quotes, rates and yields are subject to change without notice.  Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc., member NYSE, NASD and SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporation.  Investments are NOT FDIC INSURED, NOT BANK GUARANTEED and MAY LOSE VALUE.  Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc. reserves the right to monitor all electronic correspondence. ************************************************************************************************** Today is my birthday so going to celebrate it. I will not watch anything to do with what happen on 9/11. I remember DEC 7th but time has over shadowed that event. They tell you to go about your daily routine but fill the airways with depressing events. Life must go on.

My thoughts nad Prayers are with the family of the victims and with our country that is in such a mess Thanx to George W

I don't think it should be a National Holiday!  We should make time on that day to remember the event but not make it another day for retail stores to have another sale!  We don't have a National Holiday for Dec 7 ....  All that have fallen during the tragic times of war are remembered on Memorial Day!

I think it is inappropriate to label this day as an anniversary.  People will never forget 9/11 and are still coping with the ordeal; especially with the new hightened terror alerts.  I think the day should be remembered, but not labeled as a national holiday.  Showing the buildings on TV and running new ads as a reminder is just awful and will only make things more difficult.  I think it should be handled   solemnly and in a respectable manner.  People can remember (or mourn, more appropriately)  by showing American spirit and going to church services, but too much in the media is really not necessary.

I have been heart broken since 09/11/01. Our dear fellow Americans, some who did not know what happened and those who knew what was going to happen {flight 93}. I, as millions of Americans will never forget that morning. I walked into work and my Boss said that he just heard that an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center, We went to the conference room and turned the TV on. It was the most horrible sight that any of us have ever seen and hopefully it is the last time we ever see such horror! May God Bless America!

9/11 should not be a holiday. It should be a day of solemn remembrance, like Pearl Harbor Day.

I do not want 9/11 commenorated as a holiday.  Rather, it's a day to go to work early, work hard, appreciate the employer and/or employee(s) staying grateful for a place to go to work and staying grateful for a home in which to return.  If one has a family and/or friends, then again, one should be very grateful.  And we all need to be appreciative of our police, firemen and those who would be on the front line of any community assault.  We are blessed to be Americans so yes, wave the flag, drive courteously and on 9/11 drive with the lights on.

I thinke 911 should be a national holiday!!!

Hello, I  am from Senatobia,Ms.  My thoughts on 9/11 is just that...its a shame that it took something like this to bring our Country together... I know I have no right to say anything...but its something called Freedom of speach....I am only a 15 year old....Sophomore from Independence High School, But i do know alot about, this country..But there is one thing that has my Friends and I , a Little on the Edge! We keep hearing about that Sudom Husain Guy, And how he has this nuclear War head! that is what is scaring us and making us not want to go to school, because we are afraid that he will try to attack , on the anniversery of 9/11. The only thing that is keeping us from Totally freaking out  Is we know we have a strong millitary...and my uncle told us that this country has the Technology  to stop a Neuclear war head from striking our country....Please dont  Think of me as some little kid just trying to talk to news people...I am very concerned! Like i said i am only 15 years old i have quit a few more years to go! and i just want someone to verify that...we are safe!! Thank you.....

My thoughts for 9/11/01 are sad and angry.  I pray for the victim's families that were left behind.  One year later I still think about last year and it hurts like it just happen yesterday. Osma Bin Landen something needs to happen only my God knows what the punishment is and he can take care of that.  I have put this matter in to God's hands.

i am sad to know that there a lot kids with out moms and dads  i know that they thank about thery mom and dad alot when christam came last year i knew that the kids would be thanking about there dads and moms and i hope that something like this will never happen agan in my time and the kids time and for all of man kind.

At almost 1 year later, I still cry every time I watch those planes fly into the WTC.  It still is so very painful to think that there are really people in the world who have no love for anyone who is not of the same belief as they are.  I am sad because we actually serve the same God but they believe God wants all of us dead.  I'm glad we don't feel the same.  I still hurt for all the families who lost loved ones in that horrific event, whether they were working in the WTC, Pentagon or were Firefighters or volunteers.  This is a hurt that will leave a lasting scar but won't dampen our ability as a people and a nation to come together and stand up for each other, putting our own lives on the line when the need arises.  We all basically love each other after all.

Extremely sad that the world has become a "killing field" not just 9/11 but everywhere - worldwide - I wonder - is there something in the air - just about ever newscast has some type of terror based article - put discipline and God back where they belong - In every day life

Sirs/Madam, I will not have the TV on during the coverage of the anniversary.  This is one of the saddest experiences America has had to go through after Pearl Harbor.  It had become too commercial already.  We heard about the anniversary coming as far back as early August. I foresee the day when we will have found another day to turn into a holiday to celebrate and support more fictional fund-raising, tying themselves to September 11th.  The media can reign that concept in by backing off from world wide coverage and helping to make the anniversary just what it is - a day to remember and mourn the loss. It won't happen though as it is not Newsey to sit quietly and reflect.

Sad it happened. Who could forget!, as some people seem to think we could. However, this is not something that will change my life and I will not harp on it. There is too much "harping" by the market and everything else around us. I don't think it is good for any of us including the family of those who are no longer with us.

Usma Bin Goat-Humping, took my birthday last year, this year he will not take it from me, I will be 40 on 9/11 and I plan to have a good time, and celebrate life. I refuse to "cry in my beer" and say "what if?"

I will be watching your coverage of 911 on tv.

I'm afraid that America has a short memory.  A reporter stated Dr. Bennett, a renowned writer and former Secy of Education under Pres Reagan, that now its really just an "east coast thing."  An east coast thing?  Lest we forget, they struck America, not the east coast, complacency is not becoming to such a mighty nation.

It is my new Thanksgiving, my Independence Day, my Memorial Day and my Flag Day.  It is a day that is forever in my heart and my eyes.  It is a day of reflection, democracy and peace.  On that day,  I lost a peacefulness and comfort that will never ever be taken for granted again. There shall never be any picnics, fireworks or sales.  For generations to come, we shall remember with such humbleness the lives that were lost and the heroes that live. I love our God.  I love my Country. The attached slide presentation says it all.

9/11 will NEVER be forgotten by Americans.  I think it should be a national holiday.  Instead of celebrating all the mourning, we should celebrate how it brought our country together.

I will never forget that day on September 11, 2002. I was almost five months pregnant and I remembering seeing the events take place on television at work.  I kept thinking I'm bringing an innocent child into this world, a world that is full of evil people. I was frightened that day.  Now Chelsea Elizabeth is seven months old and I find myself a very protective mother. I think about how much evil is in this world, but there is so much good as well.  America is a beautiful country and I'm proud to have been born into a free country .  America will never forget that day  and all the many lives that were changed forever.  But we must look to our heavenly father for healing, comfort and guidance.  All we can ask is Why ?  But there are no answers.  I believe there is coming a day when we won't have to worry about selfish acts as what happened on September 11. There is coming a day for all those who believe a day of happiness, love and peace.   My heart goes out to all those who lost  husbands, wives, children, a mother or a father.. brother or sister and friends.  I can only imagine the terrible grief and the loss so many encountered.   My thoughts and many prayers will be with you.


We must as a God fearing people remember that we must forgive as He forgave us. We will never forget the losses and results of any attacks against us or anyone, but we must remember that attacks are perpetrated out of fear of the unknown whether it be religion or knowledge. The Bible states that we must turn the other cheek & that we should live at peace with all men if it be possible; itdidn't say to lay down your weapons and allow the enemies to have control of all that has been won through the workings of freedom. The weapons of warfare have taken on a new image they are atuned to finances and economics,wake up America before we give every freedom we have away.

Confused at info, as to how much the government knew, ???, & still very sad.