Controversial flyer circulating through Shelby County

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A political flyer circulating in Shelby County asks voters to vote "No" on all referendums on the current ballot.

Text on the flyer indicates it is from the Democratic Party, but Monday, members said that is not true.

Democratic Party members claim the issue with the sample ballot is the part that says 'vote no' on all 10 referendums listed for the upcoming election.

"The language on the ballot says vote no to referendums which is not correct. That is not a correct statement of the Shelby County Democrats' position. The party has not taken a vote to say no to the referendums and this will mislead voters," Democratic party member Steve Mulroy said.

Party members say they are afraid the flyer will hurt the chances of a non-partisan referendum regarding instant voting from passing.

Members are demanding that party leaders delete the "Vote No to Referendums" language.

The local Democratic Party chairman, the Reverend Keith Norman, said Monday that he has scheduled a meeting of party leaders to discuss the ballot controversy.

Norman declined to say who is responsible for the referendum language on the ballot, and he would not say where he stands on the issue.

Norman would only say that party leaders would look into complaints about the ballot and make a decision on what to do.

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