High early voting numbers in West Tennessee

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - It has only been five days since the beginning of early voting in Tennessee and officials have already seen thousands of voters come through the polls.

Since last Wednesday, the front door at the Tipton County election commission has been propped open by voters casting their ballot for the November election.

"The young people tend to take all the stuff under construction...take a real hard look at it and say I've heard your point, your point, let's do a little of all of it," Covington voter H.L. Thomas said.

"The Republican party line gives what I want to see in our government and its just one of those cases of that's what I saw in it," Brighton voter Jim Goodson said.

Officials said between the county's two voting locations, almost 4,900 residents have cast their ballot.

"The lines are a lot shorter and its just easier to get in and out," Goodson said.

By next week, officials hope half of Tipton County's 38,000 registered voters will have cast their vote.

"I am looking for I would say at least 14,000 people. I would look for that because we're going over 1,000 each day," Tipton County Administrator of Elections Linda Burnett said.

"I think people are probably like me. They want to vote and see what happens and then be glad when its over so we can get back to normal TV," election commissioner Theta Rone said.

And despite the long lines, voters said they don't mind waiting on an election that's this important.

Tipton County is not the only place seeing high voter turnout.  Officials in Fayette County said they have had more than 3,200 voters cast an early ballot.  They have also registered more than 2,000 new voters since the August election.

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