Memphis Fire Department ambulance involved in accident

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis Fire Department ambulance was involved in a wreck Tuesday morning near James and Water in Memphis.

Witnesses said a green Grand Prix went through the red light and slammed into the ambulance.

Two people were in the car, two paramedics were in the ambulance along with the elderly patient and her family member.

The person who was severely injured was inside the car.

Fire officials said the paramedics were transporting the elderly patient to the hospital for a minor illness, so they did not turn on their lights and siren.

"It is common if the person is non-critical.  Obviously we don't want to jeopardize ourselves or the public or the patient, if they're non-critical.  So, we will use no lights and no sirens when we're transporting somebody to the hospital," Memphis Deputy Fire Chief Gary Ludwig said.

Four ambulances responded to the crash and paramedics took all six patients to Methodist North where the elderly woman was originally headed.

Investigators have not said if anyone will be charged in the crash.

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