Council fails to take action on Fullilove

Synergy is a treatment center located not far from where Memphis councilwoman Janis Fullilove lives.

"I cannot confirm or deny if an individual is in treatment or not," Senior Counselor Melvin Norman said.

What Norman can say is that rehab is the best place for Fullilove.

"It helps the individual break denial," Norman said.  "And I think denial is a very big factor."

Janis Fullilove has repeatedly denied a drinking problem.  She did admit to Action News 5 a dependence on pain killers.

"Because I'm in a lot of pain," she told us in a previous interview.  "I am," she added.

It appears her recent behavior behind the wheel has finally driven Fullilove to seek some real help.

"Sometimes it takes things like these to really bring it to the forefront that they might have an addiction of substance abuse problem," Norman said.

Meantime, her seat at Memphis City Council sits empty.

"I would be inclined to ask my colleagues to support some type of personal contact and/or intervention," councilwoman Wanda Halbert during Tuesday night's meeting said.

The council stopped short of passing a formal resolution wishing Fullilove well.  It's a resolution that originally read, in part, "her decision to drive under the influence has not only endangered her life but the life of innocent others."

"But to express it in this way is a little challenging for me," Halbert said.

The council will address their colleague again in two weeks.

You can read the council's pending resolution of support by clicking here.

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