Sign vandals striking across Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - There is a disturbing trend popping up in some Mid-South neighborhoods. Campaign signs of both candidates are being either damaged or destroyed at alarming rates.

People on both sides of the presidential race say it is much harder to keep campaign signs out in this year's election compared with previous presidential races.

Robert Hatchett wanted his large Obama sign to make a statement. Apparently someone else did too.

"I was pretty disgusted that someone would be malicious enough to vandalize the sign," Hatchett said.

The Obama Campaign offered to replace the sign at Park and Estate, but Hatchett decided the sign spray painted with 911 on it displayed a more powerful message.
"I think it will energize some people to participate more," Hatchett said.

Just more than two miles away at Kirby and Poplar Pike, the same green spray paint with the same numbers.

Meanwhile, McCain signs in the Mid-South are also targets.

The Shelby County Republican Party said the signs keep disappearing.

"We have wonderful volunteers who replace them in the morning, and over night they're gone again," Vice Chair of the Shelby County Republican Party Paula Sedgwick said.

Sedgwick said vandals also shredded some signs.

Sedwick said around 70 people have come in to replace their stolen signs. And the big signs are not cheap.

Sedwick said the thefts add up to about $500.

It is not just the McCain signs Sedwick is upset about.

She said she is just as angry at the people who damaged the Obama signs.

"We can have a campaign with respect, it needs to stop," Sedwick said.

The Obama Campaign said the vandalized signs are motivating people.

The Shelby County campaign office reports people donated more money after the signs got vandalized.

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