Herenton shows support to Fullilove

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - After Memphis City council member Janis Fullilove checked into rehab earlier this week, Mayor Willie Herenton said Wednesday he is one of her strongest supporters.

"I just look forward to Janis Fullilove coming back to the City Council giving us the best that she has," Herenton said.

Other Council Members agreed. Many are fond of Fullilove, and  they are discussing a resolution offering their full support.

But Council Member Shea Flinn said his colleagues were walking a fine line.
"Yes, there is support for the person, but when you put the public safety at risk, which she allegedly has done, we have to speak out against that as well," he said.

Meanwhile, Fullilove still faces legal issues, with a  court date in Tunica County in late November.  Depending on the outcome, she could face a probation violation in DeSoto County.

In Tennessee, state troopers recently finished an investigation into the validity of her driver's license, and the District Attorney's office is reviewing the findings.
"I think we're in a position to make some decision's one way or the other pretty soon," Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons said.

Regardless of what happens to Fullilove, she has support from the top.

"Janis has some issues that are personal, and I'm praying for her," Herenton said.

City Council members will re-consider the resolution regarding Fullilove in two weeks.

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