Memphian impacted by crime speaks out about new funding

It is a question many people are asking.  How should the funding be used to battle crime and restore peace to the community?

Trey Brady said you can never put a price tag on the hurt and pain he has had to deal with surrounding the shooting death of his father Raymond.

"I've been ok, but it still gets to me at," Brady said.

On January 8, 2007, Raymond Brady was murdered while walking with his wife and their dog.  It happened after a man armed with a gun, shot and killed Brady.  Trey is hoping the nearly 15 million dollars in new funding to fight crime in Memphis and Shelby County will work.

"It's other fathers out there that it might save...but it's too late as far as my situation," Brady said.

That is why Trey said the additional funding is needed to give law enforcement the resources they need to prevent these types of tragedies.

"I think more patrols...neighborhood watches and things like that," Brady said.
Now, Trey is hoping new funding will not only help save lives but also make his community a better place to live

Operation Safe Community is designed to make the Memphis area one of the safest of its size in America.

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