Democratic leaders announce fix to controversial flyer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Last week, there was a battle within the Democratic Party about a controversial flyer telling voters to vote no on all amendments on the November ballot.

Thursday, party leaders and members held a new conference to announce their solution to the controversial flyer.

From now on, the section of the flyer that encouraged you to vote "no" on all the referendums will be blacked out.

In making the announcement, Democratic leaders said that it was never their intention for their official flyer to tell people to vote no on every amendment issue.
"Reverend Norman has assured me that the original mistake on the ballot was simply that a mistake and honest mistake a typo and not the result of intentional conduct," Democratic party member Steve Mulroy said.

"Well it got to this point simply in communication or the printing process I think when things go back and forth between several hands ah several sets of eyes people have oversight and make mistakes and that's simply what this was it a mistake by human error," Rev. Jeith Norman of the Democratic party said.

Democrats said the plan now is to collect some 40,000 fliers with the wrong information. Those flyers will be run back through a printer that will put a black rectangle over the spot with referendum language on it.

The change will cost around $600.

Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy said he will pay for it. Mulroy was the one who led the effort to get the endorsement flyer changed.

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