Germantown enforcing rules on political signs

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC-TV) - Everywhere you look, you see campaign signs around town. But one Mid-South city says if they are in the wrong spot, get ready to pay up.

When Jim Provensal looked in his front yard and saw this McCain campaign sign lying on the ground with a red tag dangling from it, he knew something was wrong...

"I was upset. My wife was very upset," Provensal said.

The tag said he was in violation of a city sign ordinance and subject to a $500 fine for not having his sign at least 10 feet from the curb.

"It looks like they're biased, especially when they only do certain signs and they didn't go through the entire neighborhood.  They should do the entire neighborhood instead of a few signs here and there," Provensal said.

"It's not the city supporting the candidate.  It's that person who lives on the property, so that should be on their property," Asst. City Administrator said.

According to Germantown officials, the city has always had a strict sign policy.  Even area businesses are expected to follow the rules.

When it comes to political signs,  Pouncey, Assistant City Administrator said campaign signs must be at least 10 feet behind a curb or edge of the pavement. They can only be a maximum of four feet tall. Only one sign per candidate will be allowed on a lot...except on corner lots. And signs are only allowed in residential areas, not commercial.

"If you have a large proliferation of signs and clutter, it just takes away from that residential environment," Pouncey said.

In addition to issuing a fine, the city can also remove any sign which violates the city's sign ordinance.

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