Southaven police investigating shooting at apartment complex

A married father of three young children is dead tonight after a shooting at a Southaven apartment complex. Now,  Southaven police are trying to piece together exactly why it happened.

The shooting happened at the Oakridge apartments in Southaven. The brother in law of  the victim, John Winkleman, said his family is too distraught to talk.

"They're pretty upset right now," Winkleman said.

Winkleman's brother-in-law said he was just trying to help someone out when the attacker came up to him.

"Jumping someone's vehicle off and he was shot in the back twice," Winkleman said.

Southaven police said the shooting happened after an argument.

Witnesses said the two men were arguing in the parking lot, it got physical,  then one of them pilled out a semi automatic weapon and started shooting.

When Paramedics arrived, Winkleman did not have a pulse. The married father of three was dead in the parking lot right outside his own apartment.

Neighbors like Dana Ozment said they feel safe because police patrol all of the time.

"Very shocked. Very close to home," Ozment said.

It is not clear what that argument was about, but one witness said it was some type of  domestic issue.

Southaven police arrested and charged William Pearce with  murder.

Southaven police said they have stopped a lot of the crime in apartment complexes after they stepped up patrols. But investigators said they are not sure if they could have stopped today's shooting.

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