The Best Price Comparison Sites: One-Stop Online Shopping


You can still find great buys online.  Some e-tailers still offer free shipping and no taxes, although those are starting to fade away.

Two web sites -- and -- let you go to one single site and compare the prices from several e-tailers on the same product.  Got a DVD or video game in mind?  Search for it on these sites, and you'll get price quotes from every e-tailer who sells it.

Both sites rate the reliability of each e-tailer who appears in your search.  That way, you'll know if that good deal will be delivered on time -- or at all -- and whether the e-tailer guarantees its service.

The Action News 5 Investigators recommend that once you choose a store after comparing prices, make sure that store's site is secure.  Look for the "s" after the "h-t-t-p" in the web address at check-out ... and look for the solid padlock in the bottom-right corner of your browser.  If the "s" is missing in the web address -- or the padlock appears "unlocked" or broken - leave the site, go back to the price-comparison page and make another choice.