Some political advisors think Arkansas could "go blue"

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - There are more than a few political observers who think Arkansas, which is leading towards John McCain, could end being more of a toss up state - especially with Bill Clinton campaigning for Obama across the state starting Friday and continuing through the weekend.

Democrats hope Clinton's star power will shine brightly enough to affect the outcome November fourth.

"There is no more effective campaigner in the land than Bill Clinton," Jackson Baker of the Memphis Flyer said.    
Baker said the state was one of the last southern states to go red. He thinks in this election it might be one of the first to go blue.

"Early voting has been dominantly Democratic. It's been that way in every state," Baker said. "Even when the race begins to tighten, you're only having a fraction of the electorate tightening and in that period you have the Clintons going whole hog in Arkansas. I think Democrats have a great chance to win here."

But other political observers in the natural state see a tight race staying red

"I think it'll probably go to McCain," West Memphis newspaper writer Trip Cook said.

Cook is a political beat writer for The Evening Times in West Memphis. He said Clinton will help tighten the race, but the trends give McCain the advantage.

"The Democrats represent us in the senate and in the house, but I think presidential elections have largely went Republican in the last several elections," Cook said.
And the last Democrat to win the state will be in town stumping for the Democrat trying to be the first to win it in 12 years.

McCain has campaigned in Arkansas more than Obama. But with the Clintons on the trail in the final days, many people suggest it could be a toss up.

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