A cow hits the campaign trail in a hotly contested TN Senate race

SOMERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - With just ten days until election day, many campaigns are crossing their districts in an effort to grab voters.

Friday, one campaign brought along a person in a cow costume.

What's up with the cow costume you ask?  It's basically an attempt by state Democrats to try and get Senate candidate Dolores Gresham to sign a No-Grant pledge promising that if elected, she won't accept taxpayer funded farm grants.

"The people of Tennessee are not interested in this little joke that perhaps they think they're playing," Gresham said.

Gresham was reacting to the man in a cow costume outside a Republican rally in Somerville.

The cow, nicknamed Bessie, is a move by Democrats to get Gresham to come clean about taxpayer money her farm received in the past several years.

"If she didn't do anything wrong...she's been audited.  I can't understand why she wouldn't open her books up to you to prove she hasn't done anything wrong - that will stop the controversy," said Fayette County resident Johnny Vaughan.

Gresham's Democratic opponent, Randy Camp, signed a No-Grant pledge earlier this week and wants Gresham to do the same.

"I am telling you that I'm not going to make any decision on what my opponent says or does," Gresham contends.

"I think Mr. Camp would like some answers from the Gresham campaign concerning the grants to farmers in the state," added Vaughan.

And even as Bessie waved outside, Gresham says that's no distraction to her as she reaches out to voters in her district.

"I'm concerned that perhaps what we're doing here with this cow is trivializing what the issues are," said Gresham.

State democrats say Gresham really hasn't done anything wrong, they just want her to promise she won't take more taxpayer funded grants if elected to the Senate.

Gresham still argues she's done everything by the book and says her farm is no different than any other in the state.

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