Only on 5: critical E-mail on Fullilove floods council office

Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove told Action News 5 how much she appreciated the support of Memphis voters following an episode in the parking lot of Tunica casino.  Photos showed her slumped over the front seat of her car.

"People say they're praying for you," Reporter Jason Miles told Fullilove in an interview outside her home.  "I know -- and I thank them so much," she responded.

But many people appear a lot less sympathetic following another run-in with the law last week.  Fullilove's second DUI-related arrest this year has prompting a barrage of biting E-mail messages to the Memphis City Council.

One man wrote, "ALL I AM ASKING FOR IS A LITTLE COMMON SENSE."  He added, "A repeat offender of drunk a public position deserves to be reprimanded by her colleagues."

Another E-mailer wrote, "I, for the the life of me, can't believe she has been allowed to continue to serve as a Council member to date given she has had more than one DUI."

One man wondered, "Where would I be if I had committed the same acts as Mrs. Fullilove?"  He added, "I would be in jail somewhere without a job when I got out, not in rehab while my co-workers hum and haw about how mean it would be to make me atone for the wrongs I have done."

The council could not agree this week on any official action regarding Fullilove.

It prompted another concerned constituent to write, "..our council is sending a direct message to the youth of Memphis that you can commit a dangerous crime three times and still sit on Memphis' prestigious council."  He added, "This is wrong!"

At this point, the council is not entertaining the idea of censuring Janis Fullilove, which is the most severe punishment it can impose.  Council chairman Myron Lowery told Action News 5 that a lot of people in the community still stand by Fullilove's side and wish her well.

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